Mango pick ups

This festive season i gifted myself few pick ups from Mango store. Mango is always my stop for shopping and specially on summer. There collection is so young, fabric which they use that is so easy on your skin and above all you look chic.

My first pick up is animal print pumps and trust me they are so cute and chic. They have animal print on heels too but these flat pumps is something i really needed in my closet and it go well with all my other outfits too. Another one is a top which im thinking to wear to work as well as on weekends for drink or brunch with friends. I loved the leather detailing of it on arms and neck and the lace bow give more appealing, cool, chic sort of look to the top. I like to wear sleeveless on winter reason being i get rashes on my body if i cover myself with lot of clothes so i wear sleeveless and top up with jacket or sweater or what not. If you have same issue on winters like me then try what i do go for sleeveless…hope you like my pick ups and my post



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