Lakme Absolute Fast and Fabulous one stroke Nailcolor – Review

I bought this nail color last Saturday and I mentioned about renovation thing on my previous post. Eventually I had a lot of time today reading magazine, listening to music and applying new nail color Lakme Absolute Fast and Fabulos. I just got tv and internet hooked up and we got our bed back in the room but no chairs nothing in other rooms so still pretty messed up. Work is still pending and lot many days to go for things to be in place.

Anyways I bought this nail color pretty late reason being I do not buy Lakme products. Fancy advertisement and my inspiration Kareena Kapoor being a model for the Lakme changed my mind and pushed me to get this nail color.

Lakme Absolute Fast and Fabulous one stroke nail color claims that it’s one stroke and get dry in 40 seconds. You get the lot of shiny polished nail color in this range. Brush for applying the color is not fuzzy in terms of length and width like other Lakme nail color range. It is definitely not one stroke because it gives you very light and pale shade. For better result you have to apply nail color twice or more atleast once it get dry. So it’s not one stroke. It says it get dry in 40 seconds true if it is just one stroke. If you apply second coat or third coat then it takes time and my Max Factor nail color works better in terms of “dry” thing.

If you not looking for one stroke and 40 seconds dry formula on your nail color then you should go for this because as a nail color it is still better and wearable compare to other Lakme range. It has a lot of color range as i mentioned in the beginning. I bought this Mint Green because i was looking for one and it’s not a disappointment at all.





source for the kareena’s  picture google image 


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