Summer and Sunglasses Mania

Are you ready for summer?? :-p

I’m super ready for my favorite season SuMmEr!!  I love and enjoy summer through out the season. I know summer sometime come up with burning hot day and tan but you get to wear any thing and everything from shorts to sunglasses. Best of all you won’t be lazy and cozy on bed all time unlike on winters. Here is one of my  favorite essential for summer. I’m always super crazy about wearing sunnies and i have decided I’m going to buy some more sunnies this season :-p It cover your eye from sun in style and complete your look. It’s the most easy thing available in the bazaar which is effortlessly stylish.

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Sunnies (first three from the top) Aldo, sunnies (fourth the bottom one) Miami Blues, perfume Burberry Brit, green and white earrings River Island



My Tangerine Obsession

My obsession with tangerine you have seen in my last to last post and I’m saying it again that this season I so want to wear tangerine. My heart got stucked on this watch and it is truly because of its color. I bought this other day from They have pretty fast service though but I’m so much in love with my new watch that I don’t have words to describe. I have mentioned about my tangerine nail color on my last post and one of my reader want me to post that so you get to see the nail color too which adding to my obsession and also going well with my watch.

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Watch Q&Q (, nail color Elle18, necklace and sun glasses Aldo





Sunglasses Mania

Something I’m really crazy about is sunnies. It not just protect your eyes from sun but also bring out the fun and style in you. I like over-sized sunnies and cool color ones too. Even a basic black sunglasses can bring out the glamour in you:)  People say that they love winter but I truly love summer because I get to wear my sunnies every time and its so much stylish and fun.

Hope you like my post and enjoy wearing your sunnies this summer.

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Tangerine is my new black and my new obsession. I have tangerine nail color and trust me I don’t leave my house without wearing it. I’m so going to buy a nice pair of pumps and a dress in this color. I know that black and white combo is the “IN” thing in S/S 2013 which I love it too. But tangerine is so bright and looks chic on anything and everything that I’m totally obsessed with it now.

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Backless dress always make me speechless. I so want to have a backless dress but only 2 things are stopping me. (A) I’m waiting for the right know one which my back asking for it 🙂 (B) I stopped working out and eating everything coming on my way so I’m again little ahem ahem..FAT 😦

So decided to workout and eat healthy. I hope I just stick to it. One backless dress is a must have inspite of anything even if you are not bodycon shape because its your skin, back and butt which do the magic. I am backless dress lover..Are you??

After going through this post I’m sure you will!

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