Summer and Sunglasses Mania

Are you ready for summer?? :-p

I’m super ready for my favorite season SuMmEr!!  I love and enjoy summer through out the season. I know summer sometime come up with burning hot day and tan but you get to wear any thing and everything from shorts to sunglasses. Best of all you won’t be lazy and cozy on bed all time unlike on winters. Here is one of my  favorite essential for summer. I’m always super crazy about wearing sunnies and i have decided I’m going to buy some more sunnies this season :-p It cover your eye from sun in style and complete your look. It’s the most easy thing available in the bazaar which is effortlessly stylish.

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Sunnies (first three from the top) Aldo, sunnies (fourth the bottom one) Miami Blues, perfume Burberry Brit, green and white earrings River Island


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