Royal Blue

Working on few things but have big things to do list. I know I’m a lazy slow bitch 😦

Anyways I got this pretty color pants from Pepe Jeans few months back and I loved this color. I’m actually not a color person much but the fact is you should have lot of colors in your life as well as in your closet 🙂 Some people call this color in subtle way as royal blue but I find this strong color electrifying and I call it electric blue because this look good on everyone and its always easy to mix  bright color with shades like white and black. You really don’t have to put so much effort to bring this electrifying color out in a right and stylish way. This color just speak for itself.

Happy Weekend!!

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Top Zara, blue pant Pepe Jeans, sunnies Aldo, clutch Steve Madden, belt and pumps Zara


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