No fashion – just keeping it simple yet stylish

I love dressing up and wearing jewellery specially on weekends as I get time to chill out with friends and family. I will not hide the fact that there is one day out of many days when I don’t want to do anything but still like to be  me (clear and stylish). Last week was a long week so needed a break to chill out and relax and really do not want to put effort on anything. This was my easy casual outfit which i picked up to go out for drink and dinner with friends. A simple nice black tee, torned jeans, heels, my favorite lipstick and open hair. Sometime torned denim plays really well. Anyways I have started wearing heels again after years because I lost weight and can manage my body weight on heels hahaha lol

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Tshirt  and earring Ginger, torned jeans Zara, sunnies and pumps  Aldo, lipstick Max Factor


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