All these little things

Hello Style Bunnies 🙂

I know its been a while that I didn’t post anything and most of my readers are thinking that I forgot about my blog..hahaha I have been very busy lately as I’m working on my own little online fashion store and since I just have 2 hands and full time job. It became little difficult for me to do lot of things so I just took little break from my blog and just focused on store thing. Above all I can never forget my blog because its my love for fashion and I think because of this I made it to a little fashion store which was one of the thing I always wanted to do. Soon I’m going to share the link for my fashion store here and till then below are the pictures of few little things of my life.

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fashiondrogue.wordpress.comAs I have been online as never before these few months I got an eye on this cute cycle print tank top and I shopped this online from stalkbuylove site. I love tank tops during summers they are just comfy and smart wear.

fashiondrogue.wordpress.comThis front mid partition ponytail was inspired by Kim Kardarshian ponytail. I saw this hairstyle on one of her interview and I so wanted to try this to work. If you want to add little fun you  can roll your hair on and pin up behind the ponytail instead of hairband. I didn’t do this as I wanted little simple and of course you can use hair spray for that clean sleek look. i didn’t do that because I don’t use hair spray. This is my regular make up which I do for work.

These are few beauty and hair care thing which I have been using these days. (L) Dove moisturizing face wash (C) Joy herbal face pack (R) Garnier Goodbye Damage oil for hair. I’ll write about the review on these products soon. Thats my favorite magazine Grazia 🙂

fashiondrogue.wordpress.comThats me drinking black coffee and eating fruit breads and totally working on my fashion store stuff.

Wish Me Luck Style Bunnies I so badly want them hahaha!






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