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My Wish List!

Hello Style Bunnies ūüôā

“Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy” This is so damn true and if it is relates you then my dear you are in trouble. ¬†I have this wishlist which always¬†running back of my mind and sometime at work I browse them online to have ‘that’ peace of mind which I cannot put into words.

Let me take you to the tour. I want them badly just waiting to set up some more important stuff, till then I guess sharing on my blog will do the thing.  Again badly waiting for weekend to come and hug me xo

Swarovski SolitaireJust gorj and pump my heart out all the time. You can get the similar and affordable one here Stylefiesta.comfashiondrogue.wordpress.com

Dhoti SkirtSuch a Mush Have!

EspadrillesAnother Must have and I’m dying to slip on it. Shop¬†here¬† freepeople.com


Mint plain top – I like this color and so looking for something like this to teamed up with my new skirt.


Hydrating Body Lotion РVictoria Secret  

fashiondrogue.wordpress.comBurt’s Bees – Ultra conditioning lip balm so wanna try it and share the review with all.fashiondrogue.wordpress.comHope you like the post and if it so then please like my page and follow¬†me here on¬†WordPress.

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Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Nail and Hand cream and Roll-on – Review

Tomorrow¬†i¬†have to get back to my routine. I was eating non stop whatever was coming on my way lol ūüôā Other day i stopped by Marks & Spencer store to see their winter collection and i found these amazing stuff.¬†You will get the Floral collection in shower gel, body cream and in many more ranges. I needed hand cream and roll- on as i¬†was out of stock so i got the reason to try it.

Floral collection of Marks & Spencer is eye-catching. The pack is fancy and beautiful. They have lot of flower ranges like one i have for hand and nail cream Rose Centifolia and for Roll Рon is Magnolia. This winter you really need hand and nail cream specially if you have cheeky chappy nails. These beauties do not just claim that its floral but you actually get amazing floral fragrance which really make you feel good. It is not long-lasting in terms of fragrance but who look for that in a hand and nail cream?? It is same with Marks & Spencer Mangnolia Roll-on but it is effective in terms of controlling the sweat and body odor due to layers of clothes during winters.

Marks & Spencer Flora collection Rose Centifolia Nail and Hand cream: I told you about the magnificent fragrance. It is good for all skin type. It really moisturizes your skin and give enough support to your nail for its shine and strength. It is also not greasy.

Marks & Spencer Flora collection Mangnolia Roll-on: If you looking for long-lasting fragrance then do not go for it but like other Marks & Spencer roll-on it is also effective in controlling sweat and body odor. It do not irritate your under arms area or skin ; atleast not mine.

Tip : All Roll- on and¬†deodorant only works if your under arms is clean. People who have real bad body odor issue avoid using any anti hair removal cream or shave for under arms cleaning. Always wax and when i say” always” it does not mean just thrice and then back to shave.¬†¬†

I give thumbs up to both the products and you can also try its different range and products in Marks & Spencer Flora collection.




I’m not a dermatologist or any kind of specialist. This post is just my view and experience with the products which I’m sharing with you all.