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Happy Birthday FashionDrogue

                                                        Thank you all for continuing to read the blog!! 


Fashion drogue’s  1st Anniversary and I’m so happy that words can’t describe it. Thanks again 🙂



Tangerine is my new black and my new obsession. I have tangerine nail color and trust me I don’t leave my house without wearing it. I’m so going to buy a nice pair of pumps and a dress in this color. I know that black and white combo is the “IN” thing in S/S 2013 which I love it too. But tangerine is so bright and looks chic on anything and everything that I’m totally obsessed with it now.

Hope you like my post and bring this color to your closet:)




Backless dress always make me speechless. I so want to have a backless dress but only 2 things are stopping me. (A) I’m waiting for the right piece..you know one which my back asking for it 🙂 (B) I stopped working out and eating everything coming on my way so I’m again little ahem ahem..FAT 😦

So decided to workout and eat healthy. I hope I just stick to it. One backless dress is a must have inspite of anything even if you are not bodycon shape because its your skin, back and butt which do the magic. I am backless dress lover..Are you??

After going through this post I’m sure you will!

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Victoria Beckham Autumn/winter 2013

Ready to wear A/w 2013 by Victoria Beckham is totally reflection of her stunning and sophisticated style. People who have been watching and admiring her style would easily connect to it. When some designers come up with ready to wear style they actually bring this concept in a same old huge designers collection. You know which you cannot think of wearing everyday it’s just the collection which practically look good on red carpet, in pop albums and on movie premiere. The fabric, color, embellishment work and what not which eventually lose its “ready to wear” concept. In Mrs Beckham collection you find this concept very clear but in sophisticated and interesting manner. The use of electric blue, yellow, sharp silts they are so chic and powerful. To make the collection sharp she used some of interesting fabric like checked tweed and camelhair. One of the sharp and masculine still feminine piece was tuxedo with slits where you can see the model’s arm. I loved her collection and not to mention those gorgeous  big bags.  I’m big bag lover myself and I understand the importance of a bag which make you ready to go everywhere.

Hope you like the collection and my post.

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Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 Collection

I was working on something interesting these days so came across Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 Collection..thought of blogging it. I’m not a fan of Mcqueen’s designs but found something interesting in this collection which is worth posting here. 2013 Resort Collection by Alexander Mcqueen is masculine but still feminine.  What interested me is pantsuit in the collection which is not just one color outfit and feminine but brought back peaked shoulder and elongate from the bottom by adding bootcut pant legs. Tunic dress with pant is little different than usual but i found it boring. I loved chain link on belts and high waist pants. Black and gold combination in the collection actually speaks for Alexander Mcqueen work for itself.

Hope you like the collection and my post.

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almc pic lst

almc pic lst2