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Bye Bye September Hello October!

Hello Style Bunnies ūüôā

Everyday is a new day and I have long things to do list to complete. At the end I put a check mark on few.

September has been a pretty busy month. I was eating out a lot, at work I was on training, had lot of assement to clear and spent great amount of time with my friend.

I have  lot on my plate this month October and Novemeber so just relaxing bit more this week before I get back to my to do list. I had this thing in my mind for pretty long time it is about a project which I so wanted to work on and come up with something concrete. I guess its time for me to focus on that along with my blog.

Here are few pictures from September Diary of my life xo.


Smokey eyes
Smokey eyes
"Chi" Amazing chinese food restaurant
“Chi” Amazing chinese food restaurant
Hard Rock Cafe - I'm a spring roll lover and this cafe served it with nice salad with good dressing.
Hard Rock Cafe – I’m a spring roll lover and this cafe served it with nice salad with good dressing.
Birthday Cocktail
Birthday Cocktail
Afgani Food
Afghani Food
He & She Hidesign and Celine Bag
He & She Hidesign and Celine Bag
Bag : Celine & Pumps : Van Heusen
Bag : Celine & Pumps : Van Heusen

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Retail Therapy

Last few weeks been tough and sad in terms of work and other things in my life. I was sad and confuse about lot of things because of which I’m not keeping well now. Terrible pain on my back and as usual i’m scared of visiting doctor.

Retail TherapyClutch Van heusen, Pump Mango and Tank Top I don't remember...
Retail Therapy
Clutch Van heusen, Pump Mango and Tank Top I don’t remember…

Anyways something which keep me going is my retail therapy and I would like to share that with you all. This post is about ¬†how your love for fashion and shopping helps you recovering from dark days of your life?? Also helps you choosing the right stuff so that you won’t regret later and doing the right thing to recover.

I have seen people who are into retail therapy they end up impulsive shopping which means most of the things remain in their closet like some haunted past. How about buying something which you can use in good time and also give you message time to time?? When you are into retail therapy buy something in black like sexy black dress or you can go for black top too. Color black is not a symbol of sadness but actually color black helps in controlling emotion which is badly needed during tough times. Next pick up which is meaningful and you can use anytime is colored pants which is of course in fashion. The time and attention you going to spend in getting right size and fitting helps you in keeping you busy for a while which is what your mind actually looking for. I know this sounds silly but you will only realize it when things are actually happening to you. You can also buy a nice watch which will remind you that you will pass this dark hours and later remind you that how bravely you pushed away every minutes of sadness. You can also buy accessories and bag as these things never stay at the corner of your closet unlike clothes.

Black dress asos.com $70.16, Red pants freecultr.com 999 INR, Fossil watch fashionara.com 9495 INR, Clutch zara $89.90, Chain necklace zara $39.90
Black dress asos.com $70.16, Red pants freecultr.com 999 INR, Fossil watch fashionara.com 9,495 INR, Clutch zara $89.90, Chain necklace zara $39.90

If you are one of those who piled up with work or do not prefer picking clothes when heart and mind fighting with each other.   Wear make up for yourself. I do lot of eye make up specially smoky eyes in those days. When you are low and looking for solution doing make up  gives you that sense of  relief which is required to survive. When you cover your eyes with dark colors you actually try to darken the pain deep inside you.

Fragrance sometime become your best friend as they are with you all the time. It do not need reason to stick with you. Buy yourself perfume because when you smell good you feel relaxed.

Versacce Yellow Diamond Women Edt 90ml  Rooja.com 3,655 INR
Versace Yellow Diamond Women Edt 90ml Rooja.com 3,655 INR

If you really want to be in your couch and eat then take a bite of dark chocolates as they are healthy and keeps you calm.

Aishwarya Rai Cannes Red Carpet Fashion Diary

I’m not Aishwarya Rai fan and i’m not criticizing her fashion or recent baby weight. I was reading one of my¬†favorite magazine in which she was in Cannes red carpet gown and magazine :“she won the media¬†discussion of baby weight with confident and curvaceous avatar at Cannes”. Which is so true!..She was the first Indian personality who made it to Cannes. She was also youngest and first Jury member of Cannes Film Festival¬†Academy¬†(2003). She has grown a lot in terms of her red carpet fashion. I personally do not like her fashion that much because she usually appear in ¬†very¬†Indian traditional¬†look and since her marriage and baby she only wear same Anarkali Suits and sometime sareers. She always go for one kind of fashion which is so boring. I remember almost all the stylist used to criticize her red carpet look. I’m sharing her Cannes red carpet fashion diary with you all. You will actually see the difference which i have come across from yellow sari to gowns, fashion experiment, beautiful Lace dress, from Armani to Gucci and lot more..

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan¬†won Miss World title in 1994, Has given plenty¬†super hit hindi movies to bollywood, won Best Actress award Filmfare¬†twice, worked as leading actress in The Pink Panther 2, L’Oreal Paris brand ambassador.¬†was one of the guest in Oprah Winfrey show.

People who love her will fall in love with her again.

This is for her fans and Red carpet fashion lovers like me




tes5 2003 google image

tes4 2003 google image






tes11 2005


I love her neck piece


With husband Abhishek Bchchan


tes15 msn 2008


tes17 2009


tes19 2010




tes21 2011




2013 – updated!




Source for the pictures are 
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http://www.manatelugumovies.net ,http://www.msn.com ,http://www.zimbio.com ,http://www.pinkvilla.com, http://www.justjared.com

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yesterday’s outfit

I went out for spa and after that dinner with my parents on my b’day yesterday and i was wearing this blue River Island dress. It was fun and i liked it to be with my family on my birthday.

Dress: River Island, Pump: Nine West, Sunglasses : Aldo, Clutch: Louis Vuitton, Pearl necklace my mommy’s she bought it from jewellery store i don’t know the name and Bangle : vintage.


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Thats my hair do...messy and practically very messy bun
Thats my hair do…messy and practically very messy bun


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Birthday Girl!

I just finished my birthday dinner with my parents. This time i was with my parents whole day and i didn’t go out partying. All my friends are out on this festive season and few of them not in condition to party but they texted me, called me and that’s all i needed. I spent lot of hours on my bed being awake this morning. I gifted spa time to myself. It was rejuvenating and required too. I also bought few basic thing for my new room which is ” Under construction”

Now i’m doing something which i love doing these days -Blogging-here is a glimpse of my b’day moment.


Cake and Homie cocktail…Cocktail was my creation. Guess wht?? it was gooooood. I surprised my parents..oh my! dinner was fun
One of my friend was leaving before my b;day so he celebrated my bday on 7th...these are few clicks of it...thnx Anuj.
One of my friend was leaving before my b’day so he celebrated my bday on 7th…these are few clicks of it…thnx Anuj.