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Coco Chanel

Thursday night is dedicated to  an awesome talented Designer who even today inspire fashion lovers like me. French couturier Gabrielle Coco Chanel. 

It’s not just her amazing work which introduce and encouraged the women in her era to the fashion. Her personal style itself was speechless and I do not have any adjective to describe. Her designer hats, dress, pearl necklace remind every women that fashion is not just about fancy clothes or jewellery its about class and femininity. This post is just a peek back to Coco Chanel’s magic in the fashion industry.

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ch2“Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress” – Coco Chanel


Marilyn Monroe

Thursday is dedicated to beautiful, fashionable, bold and true dreamer…Marilyn Monoroe!

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Carrie Bradshaw

This afternoon when i was not sleepy and thought of backing up my data i found the teenage jewel of my life in my hard drive. Every girl grew up seeing , learning and admiring the style of her mother or sister, Audrey Hepburn fashionable movies or reading and seeing Chanel fashion glitter. I also grew up seeing my beautiful sister’s style and lived my teenage by watching Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion and her search for real love…Sex And The City.
Carrie Bradshaw a fashionista, freelance writer for Vogue and an author. Sarah Jessica Parker played a remarkable and inspiring character in SATC.

Carrie Bradshaw who was in search of love, real love, can’t live without each other love and obsessed with shoes. She actually took us in the world of Manolo Blahnik shoes ; which made me and lot of other girls realize that love for shoes is the justice to your fashionable need of your barefoot. The character dressed up and set an amazing fashion trend with beautiful fur, spunky outfits, vibrant dresses, cool bags, hats and what not. She made a point that we should not wait for best day to dress up. Everyday is a beautiful day and that is one good reason to dress up no matter it is for work, for a date or for casual day out. You just have to feel beautiful from inside and flaunt all colors and fashion out by wearing every best piece from your closet.

Her love for fashion really inspired me a lot and made me more crazy about fashion… I enjoyed watching almost 2 seasons whole afternoon and evening today so thought of sharing with you all. I cannot upload or describe the fashion glitter of Carrie Bradshaw which i have seen in every episode again but i guess these pictures would help you to take you back to the magical Carrie Bradshaw Closet!

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet”
Manolo Blahnik Pumps

“And we were dressed from head to toe in love… the only label that never goes out of style”

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