Review – Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray and Parashute Advanced Deep Conditioning Hot Oil

I have not so long black hair. I’m not into coloring and curling my hair. One thing which I do is straight ironing my hair. I do that quite often because I don’t like ugly wavy hair. Obviously because of this I have to take care of my hair a lot and I have hair fall issue too. Sounds scary isn’t it?? Month back i was buying something and i got this Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray and I thought of using it. I usually do not use heat protector spray because again its a chemical end of the day but still i thought i should give it a shot. When I saw its Sunsilk I kept it back as Sunsilk product always give me more hairfall . On second thought it was not just Sunsilk but their new range Sunsilk Keratinology which actually interested me and i shelled out Rs400 from my card.

In direction it clearly mentioned to use daily to protect hair against damage caused by heat styling and to added for optimum results use the Complete Advanced Reconstruction Program (which means same range of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask..huh??)

Whatever i happily applied for the first time and when i was straightening my hair i saw smoke coming out of my hair which is normal if you use hair spray so don’t panic. It actually make your hair soft and touchable and you will love it. but after a day or so your hair will be rough and hate-able. This was my experience and i don’t know that  it works same with every heat protector spray in the market. It make your hair so rough that if you thinking of one conditioning at home will be a fix then that’s not true. You feel sad for your hair like i felt and after weeks of conditioning of your hair it will fix. As i said  heat protector spray is a chemical only at the end of the day and I always had bad experience with Sunsilk products.

I will not recommend this product to anyone because after paying Rs 400 and so it should not be an invitation to more hair problems.

If you don’t like the idea of applying coconut oil on your hair or applying any oil then this product is for you. Parashute Advanced Deep Conditioning Hot Oil is a miracle and now i think why didn’t i pay attention to the advertisement before and didn’t buy this hair treatment product. These days it come up with massaging kit too which makes the whole process more interesting. I apply this oil after every 15 days and if you want real hair spa at home go for it. It actually do not smell like regular coconut oil and something to be noticed that in complete 190ml bottle of oil the content of coconut oil is just 20ml and rest all natural ayurvedic ingredients. Read the directions first and do it exactly the same. It say that you can wash off after 30 mins but i sometime wait for 1 hr. One thing to keep in mind is that after shampoo applying conditioner is must then only it gives you deep conditioning result. I like this product and i think you should atleast try it until and unless you are not literally allergic to coconut oil. If you thinking that during winters this oil is not the one to pick up then its wrong because it is not just coconut oil it has ayurvedic natural ingredients which makes this product different and at the end sometime bringing home natural product is far better option than fancy chemical formula.

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Disclaimer :I’m not a beauty specialist or expert, i’m not promoting any product here and critics. This post is my personal opinion and I or fashiondrogue not responsible for any kind of good or bad experience of the anybody.


Dior Spring Couture 2013

Since the time i’m back from work i’m just reading fashion magazine and articles. Fashion is so much more fun when you get to read them and picture it on your mind. I don’t know it sound normal or not that i’m stoned by fashion this morning 🙂

Dior Spring Couture by Raf Simons was fabulous floral mix of true creativity. Every piece was a work of beauty and so haute couture stuff. Floral collection are not just floral but it look so fragile too. Vibrant colors and simply classy gown fabric and watermelon tights was nuts and bolts. I’m sharing Dior Spring Couture 2013 magic to you all. Hopefully this collection bring smile on your face which will make your busy Thursday little easy.

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Stripes – French Connection

I had off on last Friday and i was out for lunch with mom. This was my outfit for lunch out. I remember last year French Connection stores had same stripe dresses in different form like sleeveless dress, long dress and so on. I’m not sure its always the same but FCUK most of the time offer different style and trend than Zara and Mango. I have few FCUK stuff in my closet and this is one of them.

If you out for lunch and you are confuse what to wear then don’t think too much just pick up any white dress from the closet and spend time on choosing right accessories. white shade always work well during the day specially if it is a dress.

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Dress FCUK, sunny and pump Aldo, bag Van Huesen,  bangle Globus.





H & M Jacket…outfit with fun

I know its been a while that i didn’t post anything. I was busy working out and had messed up schedule. My new room and house renovation is all set now. When i woke up these days i don’t get to see many laborers  in my house and lot of drilling and dented noises anymore 🙂

I got this Jacket last to last year and i found this in my mom’s closet few days back because of this messy renovation everything is not in its place yet. I love this jacket and its detailing on buttons. Gold button makes it more beautiful and its collar actually ask for fun. I love wearing it.

Share what is that one thing in your closet which add fun to your outfit??

Jacket H&M, top Zara, legging Marks & Spencer, pumps Nine West, sun glasses Aldo, 


Marilyn Monroe

Thursday is dedicated to beautiful, fashionable, bold and true dreamer…Marilyn Monoroe!

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