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Hello Style Bunnies 🙂

Last week I was out for lunch with my friend and I was wearing this all black jumpsuit with absolutely no make up just the lipstick to pump the look. I never like wearing jumpsuit so you probably find only 1 jumpsuit in my closet. I bought this last year and wearing it for the first time. Now u can make out how much I’m obsessed with it LOL..

Lot of things going on in my mind and life but i decided that now I’ll be regular with my blog and stop making excuses. Weekend is around the corner and I have my dentist appointment tomorrow its just freaking me out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo!

Jumpsuit  : Zara , Shoes : H&M , Bag  & Watch : Shop Fashion Drogue

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Happy Birthday FashionDrogue

                                                        Thank you all for continuing to read the blog!! 


Fashion drogue’s  1st Anniversary and I’m so happy that words can’t describe it. Thanks again 🙂